Pop Music Institute in Dubai is providing instrument courses along with vocals for all ages. We are now conducting Yamaha Guitar classes and Yamaha Piano classes in Dubai for every player and style of music. Yamaha Music Classes are packed with incredible voice features, styles and specifications to help you create, organize, perform and record music in any genre.We are featuring various instrument courses like piano, keyboard, drums, wind instruments, saxophone, etc. Make learning music easy with the only Yamaha Music School in Dubai with wide and versatile range of sounds and functioning.




  • Guitar Classes in Dubai

Piano Lessons in Dubai
  • KEYBOARD PLAYER (6 years & above)
Violin Classes in Dubai
  • VIOLIN (Age 5 & above)
Vocal Classes in Dubai
  • VOCAL (Age 5 & above)

Vocal Music can make a remarkable difference in the development of a child’s social, cognitive, communicative and comprehensive skills. It helps them to discover and develop innate talent. The Popmusic has introduced various courses for different age groups including Vocal Classes in Dubai. The courses are simple and easy for the children to understand better. Enjoy this great opportunity to bond your child with the power of music.

You won’t realize your full potential deprived of the first 2 supporters, because they pave the means to express emotion. In order that your vocal is “conceivable”, that we feel you, in that you are “convincing” and also it will deliver the song on a bright platter. How do you judge your vocal potential? Even also are you embracing it? Are you close enough? Far? Did you even comprehend you had one?

Last but absolutely not least, don’t forget to connect the crowd. It can be as undemanding as starting a conversation with peeps owd in the audience. Even more, you can find a different way to include them in the act. A piece of vocal music grabs the attention of heart of each and everyone around you with the magic of emotions, its flow as well as spirit inside it. Experience the Vocal Music Dubai with the message of sharing your spirit towards others with your lovely voice and your power of music.

Drums Classes in Dubai
  • DRUM KIT (Age 6 & above)
Wind Instruments
  • WIND INSTRUMENTS (Age 5 & above)
  • Saxophone