Guitar Classes in Dubai

Why Choose Pop Music Guitar Lessons in Dubai?

Popular Music Institute & Sing & Swing Training Centre is an academy providing Music Lessons For Kids In Dubai offers you guitar classes in Dubai wherein we teach you everything from the basics to the advanced aspects and elements of classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electrical guitar, bass guitar etc. For the best guitar classes in Dubai, join any of our courses such as:


Yamaha Guitar Dubai

Popular Music Centre offers each and every kind of basic and extreme of guitar classes independent of the age group of the candidate in UAE.  We are the leading distributors of the leading brand – Yamaha Guitar and are the only centre offering Yamaha Guitar Classes in Dubai.

Yamaha is a popular brand for all types of musical instruments. Yamaha Guitars are well known for their superior quality and outstanding sound. At Popular Music Centre, we offer various guitars classes for acoustic, classical, bass guitars and more. Our guitar lessons are available for all ages and are taught by professionals in a fun and exciting atmosphere.